How do I clean my bag?

Here are some helpful tips and recommendations on cleaning the bags:

You should wash your bag regularly by either spot cleaning or hand washing it with soap and water. You can fully submerge all of our bags in warm soapy water but make sure to air dry thoroughly with the bag open.  Here is short video showing you how to clean your Carry Bag:

Also, you may find it helpful to see some advice from our customers about cleaning techniques that worked well:

1)  There has been success with washing bags in the dishwasher.

2)  Putting the bag in a lingerie bag on a gentle cycle in the washing machine can work well.   However, officially, we can’t recommend using your washing machine because there are some models where the bag can get caught in the machine and damaged.   Machine washing or drying will void your warranty if the bag gets damaged.

3)  You can wash the bag by soaking it in a shallow tub with some liquid detergent or liquid soap and then add one cup of vinegar and one half cup of baking soda.   Let the bag soak for 30 minutes and then scrub it if needed, rinse and hang to dry.

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