How do I use the Coldkit?

Your ColdKit is designed to be frozen and placed inside the Carry Bag to help keep your foods cool until lunchtime.

Although the ColdKit is designed to prevent puncturing, it is possible that it may tear.   The ice pack is filled with purified water so it is safe if punctured by chance.

The ice pack consists of 8 small squares.  If one square is punctured, the other squares will remain unaffected and you can continue to use the ice pack.

Here are some useful tips in using your ColdKit:

  1. You should freeze the complete ColdKkit overnight before using it.
  2. Remove the ColdKit from the Carry Bag as soon as it comes home to prevent excess moisture inside the Carry Bag.
  3. Wash the fabric sleeve intermittently to keep it clean by hand or in your washing machine.
  4. Make sure to thoroughly dry the ColdKit’s fabric sleeve before using again.
  5. Wipe clean the IcePack as needed.
  6. We recommend treating the IcePack with extra care to prevent ripping and puncturing, especially when it is not frozen.
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