How should I heat my Sinchies?

Our pouches are hardy so you can pour hot food into your Sinchies and wait for it to cool before sealing and storing. To defrost and warm up food, I usually pop my Sinchies into a jug of hot water, shaking it around every minute or so to ensure the contents are heated through evenly.

Where possible we don’t recommend heating any plastic products in the microwave for various reasons. But being a mum I also know that when kids are hungry they’re hungry NOW and taking time to heat pouches in a jug of hot water is not always an option so I have resorted to the microwave on the odd occasion. If you do choose to use one, we recommend using a medium temperature and giving them a shake around every 15 seconds so as not to create hot spots. Heating food in the microwave heats food from the outside in so you often find the edges are really hot but the middle is still cold. If you don’t stop and shake it around you risk damaging the pouch as the food bubbles the sides of the pouch. Please note that using the microwave will reduce the life of your pouches.

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