Why buy a Planetbox Insulated Carry Bag?

The Carry Bag is designed to be used with either the Rover or the Launch.  It zips all the way open and you can leave your PlanetBox nestled inside the Carry Bag while you eat your lunch. There are separate pockets outside for a snack and a water bottle with a 3 inch or less diameter.  Inside the bag is a mesh sleeve to fit our ColdKit and elastic to secure utensils. The carry strap can be adjusted to be long or to have a short handle.

The Sleeve is designed to fit the Launch but will also fit the Rover with a little room to spare.  It’s slim design is perfect for carrying inside a larger bag.   It does not have any inside or outside pockets and will not accommodate a water bottle. It has a detachable carry strap.

The Shuttle Carry Bag is designed to carry only the Shuttle. It will not fit either the Launch or Rover.  It has no inner pocket, however, it does have both an outside snack pocket on one side and a drink pocket on the other side.

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