How do I fill my Kai Carriers Pouches?

Its easy. On first use your Kai Carrier may be a bit stiff, but once you have opened the gusset (wide bottom bit of pouch that expands it) your Kai Carrier should stand upright by itself to make filling them easy.

  1. Use a large spoon to push gusset open or blow air through the spout to expand the pouch.
  2. Ensure the cap is on securely and you are ready to fill your pouches
  3. Use a funnel or pouring jug to fill the pouches via the open ziplock. Kai Carrier funnels are ideal!
  4. Fill about ¾ full, or just below spout level as this will allow for expansion when freezing and prevent the pouch contents overflowing and getting stuck in the ziplock when you seal it
  5. Seal ziplock and you are ready to go!

Ensure that the consistency of the food is no thinner than apple sauce and make your purees thicker for those little ones inclined to squeeze the pouches! This will help prevent any unwanted spills.