Welcome to Kids in the Kitchen, we are a family run small business situated in beautiful West Auckland.  Our aim is to bring you reusable products that are not only fun for kids, but help move adults to a more reusable, sustainable thinking when buying.

We hope to fill an everyday household need, in a sustainable way. From awesome products that bring fun and creativity into the kitchen at home, to our lunchboxes and reusable coffee cups for on the go.  

We have a number of products that not only encourage kids into the kitchen to learn and help to create wholesome meals for the family, they also have fun while doing it! And, we have also sourced a whole bunch of products that help you bring the excitement and joy back to lunch time again. Watch their faces light up when they see star shaped sandwiches and cucumber flowers sitting pretty in their lunch box! And every product is designed to help you reduce your household waste in some way.

Our Promise

We source the highest quality products, and aim to provide the best service experience. If you experience an issue with the product or delivery get in touch immediately so we can resolve the problem.