Unfortunately we cannot can guarantee that hackers won’t break into our website and steal your details. We will, however, promise to make every effort to secure our website and your stored personal details.

You can help by not reusing passwords you’ve used elsewhere to register with us should you choose to, and creating a good password. We do allow you to purchase from us without registering an account. If you are concerned about your data, you don’t need to register.

We don’t store your credit card details on our site – these are handled only by transaction providers like Stripe or PayPal. This means no-one can steal your card details from us.

We use the popular WordPress CMS (content management system) and Woocommerce shopping cart. These are well supported open-source software, but any software can have security holes, so we regularly upgrade to the latest versions to fix any bugs or security issues which have been discovered.

The website runs on the secure Ubuntu Linux operating system running on the Digital Ocean Cloud platform and the server is automatically upgraded with the latest updates.

The website uses SSL certificates from LetsEncrypt to secure all traffic.

Kids In The Kitchen staff and administrators use unique strong passwords and two-factor authentication to prevent hackers logging in even if they somehow discover our passwords.

We take security seriously at Kids in the Kitchen NZ

If you have concerns about security you are welcome to get in touch.

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